Party Like a Rockstar


Hello, readers! Arya, errm...I mean the boss, has allowed me to fly off on my very own and make my first post. I will try to hold the quality, integrity, and format that she has provided since the beginning- no pressure there. haha

I'll start off by explaining why I want to blog. To me, fashion is art. Like music, it is a form of self-expression and a way to communicate non-verbally. What we wear tells a story, it carries certain information about our culture, ideas, background, and personality. Our clothing represents how we think or feel, so one day you might feel couture and another day a bit urban.
I hope I can help you truly represent the voice or message you want to express, without having to spend a fortune (or sell a pixel kidney).

With that said, today I felt a bit edgy and wanted to show you my rock side! (Sorry for the shady picture taking, still learning.)

Picture 1:
Hair: Rock Candy- Hiding Hair (Brown, Purple, Black, Red) (0L)
Shirt and Tattoo: Miu'- 69 shirt and & loose tattoo (subscribo gift)
Pants: Rock Candy- Checkered Pants (0 L)
Boots: Rock Candy- Strapped Boots (0L)
Elven ears: Aitui-Type 2 Stretched Ears -Elven Tilt-1" (with HUD)- Not Free

Picture 2:

That's right ladies, hugs for only 25L. However, I'm feeling extra friendly and reducing the price to 0L. Get yours now! haha

Shirt: Myth- Hugs Tee (subscribo gift)
Jeans: [insignia]- Hipster Jean Special MHO (MHOH3)

Picture 3:
Shirt: Jasper- Front Parka Black (Group gift)
Guitar: [RI] rock bass (xtreetsl 0L)

If you ever see me in-world, please say hi or drop an IM if you want more information on the clothes.

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