A For Arya


Had a great time wandering around SL yesterday because it seemed like every shop I walked into had some kind of sale or freebies or 'A' came up on the Lucky Chair! Yah, me! Also came across a few hunt goodies, although I do have to confess that it was because I was looking for a hunt gift of a hunt that hadn't even started yet. Duhhhhh!

Pic 1:
Outfit: Nostr@s - Greed Female (Virtues of Sin Hunt)
Hair: Hairy Situations - The Diva III - Pitch Black (Hunt for Strawberries)
Boots: G Field - Short Lace-Up Boots for Viewer 2 (Not Free)

Pic 2:
Hair: Hairy Situations - Tuli (Hunt for Strawberries)
Outfit: Nostr@s - Greed Male (Virtues of Sin Hunt)
Ears and Tail: Nostr@s - Ears and Tail Chocolate (Lucky Chair)

Pic 3:
Hair: Hairy Situations - Wet T-Shirt - Nutmeg (New Release Gift In-Store)
Outfit: Insatiable Fashions - Zoey (1L)

Pic 4:
Hair: Hairy Situations - Adena - Grey (New Release Gift In-Store)
Outfit: Insatiable Fashions - Dirty Grunge (Lucky Chair)

Pic 5:
Hair: Hairy Situations - Roxy - Biscotti (New Release Gift In-Store)
Outfit: Insatiable Fashions - Dannie Jeans and Basic Tank - Purple (In-Store Freebie)

Pic 6:
Top: Insatiable Fashions - Black Tube Top (In-Store Freebie - white version also in gift)

Pic 7:
Top: Insatiable Fashions - Rulebreaker Top (In-Store Freebie)

Pic 8:
Dress: Aqua - Ever Song - Satin Links (May Group Gift)

Pic 9:
Dress: Kissed By Lithium - Le Norvasc (Lucky Chair)

Pic 10:
Skirt: Miamai - Amanda (May Group Gift)
Top: Insatiable Fashions - White Tube Top (In-Store Freebie)

Pic 11:
Dress: Insatiable Fashions - Alexandra II - Marigold (MM Board Gift)

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