Purrrrfect Day


Yes, it is another day of showing you items from the Dark Katz Hunt. Sooooo, many goodies to show you and sooooo little time!! Today is pretty much the last of the clothing stuff. Tomorrow is... well, you will see.

Pic 1:
Outfit: [Soul Distraction] - DK Gift - Female
Shoes: The Scuzzy Kitten - Mash Pink

Pic 2:
Outfit: [hate this] - DK Hunt 2 Gift - Female
Shoes: The Scuzzy Kitten - Mash Green

Pic 3:
Outfit: [Tiger Inside You] - Unisex Gift
Belt: KOSH - Asphyxia Belt - Rainy Night

Pic 4:
Outfit, Jewellery and Paws: [LoveCats] - Outfit for Girls

Pic 5:
Bikini: [LoveZombie] - Girl's Rasta
Choker: *JaqueMate* - Bondage Pet Collar
Ears, Tail and Paws: [Grumble] - Dark Katz

Pic 6:
Outfit and Tail: H&H Kreations - Purple
Skin: Siow's Skins - Dark Katz 1

Pic 7:
Tail, Skin and Eyes: Hardies - Fluffy Chains Tail, Grunge Eyes and Ruby Grunge Skin
Outfit: CANCOON Fashion - bCATZ

Pic 8:
Outfit: [Tragic Beauty] - Envy
Boots: [Furtroplis] - Scratchy FurStompers
Eyes: Hardies - Dark Katz Neko Ice
Tattoo: [Kontucci Designs] - Rose Female Full

Pic 9:
Outfit: Nosotr@s - DKH 2 Girl Gift
Skin and Lashes: PunkD Out - Vamped Kitten Skin and Prim Lashes 4
Shoes: KIWI - Chucks
Eyes: Dark Desires Custom Tatoos - Eternal PawPrint - Ice Dark Desires

Pic 10:
Shirt: [Wicked Tattoos] - Name Brand Shirt
Pants: [Gato] - Leopardo Jeans Black
Tail, Ears and Paws: Nosotr@s - DKH 2
Gloves and Bracelet: Phoebe Piercings and More - Emo Gloves and Toxic Bracelets

Pic 11:
Tail 1 (top left): [Dreams] - Fluffy Tail Purrfectly Plain
Tail 2: [Bana Kara] (top right) - BakeNeko Tail Scripted with a Skull
Tail 3: FlufferNutterz (bottom left) - 50's Pin Ups Tail
Tail 4: [Kitteh Bitz] (bottom right) - Dark Katz Hunter Tail

Pic 12:
Footwear 1(top left): [Troublesome Kitties] - DKH Boot
Footwear 2(top middle): Parx - Flip Flops
Footwear 3 (top right): [Dark Draconia Designs] - Point Stomp
Footwear 4 (bottom left): [DemotiK] - Hunter's Pawboot
Footwear 5 (bottom middle): [DemotiK] - Celtic Adore - Black Pawboot
Footwear 6 (bottom right): [Nik-Kos'] - Dark Katz Hunt Gift

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