This weekend has been very important to me because two of my wonderful friends had their Rezdays! I believe that everything happens for a reason and when two people cross paths, it's a start of a new story. I haven't known either for very long, but as our friendship (story) unfolds, I get pulled in by their splendor. It's not just a special day for the Rezday girls, but a special day for everyone that knows them. Because without them, my SL would not be the same. So, Happy Rezday to my friends Kav and Neveah!

There were a few items I picked up today and I just wanted to show them to you quickly.

"COCKY and can back it up", and what!? haha I love this shirt. FK Virtues has been one of my favorite stores. It's fairly new and I love seeing what comes out next. The designer left out a "Swag Bag" in front of the tent for Project Tents Haiti.

Pic 1:
Shirt: FK Virtues- Cocky Tshirt (0L)
Wristbands: FK Virtues- Panda (0L)
Shorts: Babycakes- Zipo Pants (0L)

Pic 2:

Shirt: FK Virtues- "I ROCK" (included in Swag Bag 0L)

Pic 3:

Top: Flavor!- Long Sleeve Tee's (June Group Gift)
*Comes in Brown, Black, Blue, Green, Burgundy, and Grey*
I chose blue because it's my favorite color :)

Pic 4:

Jacket: Babycakes- Unzipped Leather Jacket (0L)

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