Show You Mine, If You Show Me Yours!


Came on today and Mister had been collecting goodies, so we met to compare. I was impressed and proud. I was excited to show him my finds because they happened by accident. I was looking round for poses when I stumbled into The Deck sim to look at aDORKable Poses and then wondered why the sim was packed. To my delight I discovered a freebie fest to celebrate their first year! Hoorah! I waded through the lag and found some awesome goodies. It is still on tomorrow, so make sure you run over! I will just give you the URL for The Deck and you can access the stores from the teleporters all over the sim.

The funny part of this is that the whole time we were doing the pics, Mister couldn't see me. To him I was a cloud. Gotta love SL!

The poses we are using are freebies from Gliteratti. I love the one that is entitled 'Surprise'. Guess which one it is.

Pic 1:
Me -
Gown: LeLutka @ The Deck - Prophecy (0L)
Hair: Miel @ The Deck - Tuesday Hair - Blonde (0L)

Mister -
Suit: 22769 - Luxury Hunt Gift (0L)
Hair: Uw.St - Reed (0L)

Pic 2:
Me -
Top: Luck Inc @ The Deck - Open Buttoned Top Lilac (0L)
Pants: Tutti Frutti @ The Deck - Alice Confort Capri (0L)
Hair: Miel @ The Deck - Tuesday Hair - Brown (0L)
Shoes: Duh! - Espadrille - White Assylum (Group Gift)

Jeans: FK Virtues - 23 Gray Jeans - Capri Version (Subscribo gift)
Shirt: His Closet Collection - Red Plaid (luxury hunt)
Flip-Flops: Second Island Freebie Store - Black & Roses (0L)

Pic 3 and 4:
Me -
Jeans and Top: Cynful @ The Deck - Chrizzpy Jeans and Summery Shirt (0L)
Hair: Miel @ The Deck - Tuesday Hair - Red (0L)
Skin: TuLi @ The Deck - Sayuri Tone - Freckles - a (0L)
Jewellery: YS&YS @ The Deck - The Deck Sharon Bangles (0L)

Mister -
Jeans: FK Virtues - 23 Gray Jeans Classic Version (Subscribo gift)
Shirt: Phoenix Rising -blind - mud (0L)
Shoes: Kalnins Shoes - Crossyard (MHOH3)

Pic 5:
Me -
Dress: Nadas - Summer Minidress (Freebie of the Day)
Jewellery: Tori-Wear @ The Deck - Orchid Necklace (0L)
Skin: Tuli @ The Deck - Sayuri Tone 1 - The Deck Le - a (0L)

Jeans: FK Virtues - 23 Gray Jeans Skinny Version (Subscribo gift)
Shirt: Aoharu - SilkFlowerShirt (not free)
Vest: Phoenix Rising - Risk Tats Vest (0L)

Pic 6:
Me -
Top: Maitreya @ The Deck - Bra Top Fuschia (0L)
Pants: FK Virtues - Stretch Shorts Capri Leggings - Black (Subscribo Gift
Jewellery: Essentia @ The Deck - Silver Azurite Gem Deco Earrings and Necklace (0L)

Mister -
Jeans: FK Virtues - 23 Gray Jeans Skinny Version (Subscribo gift)
Jacket, Vest and Shirt: Kuroi Hane - The English Boy - Blue (0L)

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