Bit of This, Bit of That


Real mixture of items today. Things from all sorts of places. I got bored last night and wandered about aimlessly.

Also checked out some other blogs and discovered some new and wonderful places. Thanks to the all the bloggers whose blogs I admire and love!

Skin and hair in most pics is from Deviant Style.

Pic 1:
Top: Wave - Dawn Best Red Hood (0L)
Pants: Wave - Cargo Pant Moss (0L)

Pic 2:
Top: Wave - Wear It Itself Red (0L)
Pants: Wave - Cargo Pants Moss Short (0L)

Pic 3:
Jacket: Wave - Jacket Stripe Bandana and Goldline (0L)
Jeans: Wave - Jeans Black Damaged (0L)

Pic 4:
Jacket: Wave - Quilt Blue Yellow (0L)
Jeans: Wave - Love Bitches Very Dark With Underwear (0L)

Pic 5:
Jacket: Poison - Tartan Jacket (MM Board)

Pic 6:
Gown: House of Beningborough - Ursula Black/Red (Group Freebie)
House: Truth - Jess - Night (0L for Fatpack)

Pic 7:
Dress: The Vinyl Cafe - Marilyn Dress Green (Group Freebie)
Shoes: 24-Shoo Shoes - Hissy Halloween Sandals (0L...and yes, I know it is not Halloween, but they are soooo cute and they have little black fluffy cats on them, so there).

Next items are from the Greatest Love Groovy Love Hunt which starts on the 5th at midnight...well, midnight is when I will be starting! Yesssss!

Pic 8:
Outfit: Exquisitely Exposed - Peace Blacks Mini and Shirt

Pic 9 and 10:
Tattoo: Exquisitely Exposed - Groovy Tattoo (9) and Exquisitely Exposed Tattoo (10) (wings are not part of tattoo, they are on skin)

Pic 11:
Outfit: Exquisitely Exposed - Groovy Belted Camisk and Panties
Tattoo: Aiden's Closet - Be Nice (Not in Hunt - 35L)

Pic 12:
Shape and Skin: Ironik Kitties - Anya Skin and Shape (almost Arya, but not quite)
Top: Miamai - BishTankTops - Rebake This (Not in Hunt - Group Gift)
Shoes: Rainbow Soup - Dancing Shoes (Not Groovy Hunt item - IFLD Hunt)
Jeans: See Pic 3:
Tattoo: See Pic 11

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