Boys are back in town!


Oh yes, it's time for some mens items! Can't let Arya take up the whole space just yet. I mean, c'mon, girls have cooties and we can't have her spread those all over this blog. :P

If you haven't heard about Monday Mania, you should definitely join the group because they offered some great mens items for a lower price! I went over to Zenith to pick up their Manic Monday item that was on sale for 50L and I've been looking for a pants likes these. I also remembered to pick up a few group gifts at the store.

Pic 1:

Outfit: Zenith- Bossco Male (Monday Mania 50L)
Shoes: Maschienenwerk - Low Top Black Chucks (0L)

Pic 2:

Outfit: Zenith - Cute Shirt ( Group Gift)

Pic 3:

Shirt: Zenith - Sweater (Group Gift)

Pic 4:

Shirt: Zenith- Red Checkered Shirt/ Collar no tie (Group Gift)

Pic 5:

Shirt: Zenith- Blue Checkered Shirt/ Collar with tie (Group Gift)

In Her Shoes, has some new boots for men! Colors come in Brown, Black, Darkest Brown, and Red.

Boots: In Her Shoes - His Leather Boots (0L)

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