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I am looking at the blog and betting that Mister reads comic books and thinks Star Trek is really cool. Probably even speaks Vogon.

In contrast with that I am going to show you some non-comic book related clothing.

N.B: I would like to point out that everyone knows Wolverine is the coolest of the X-Men, and he ends up getting Jean Grey too! Oh, and Hugh Jackman is super hunky.

Pic 1:
Top: Gehenna: Star Top and Gloves (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)
Jeans: Gehenna - Black Star Jeans (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)
Skin: Deviant Style - Tempress Skin Tan (Limited Group Gift Instore)
Hair: Magika - Poof - Midnight (Black and Blue Fair Item - 10L for Fatpack)

Pic 2:
Top: Gehenna - Heart Tank (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)
Jeans: Gehenna - Black Jeans Unisex (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)

Pic 3:
Tee: Gehenna - Rock Paper Scissors Tee (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)

Pic 4:
Dress: Paris Metro - Welcome Gift Pink (Subscribo Gift)

Pic 5:
Dress: Show Me On The Doll - The Blood Gown (Mad Pea Hunt Gift)

Pic 6:
Dress: Baiastice - Abigail (June Group Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Alli - Chocolate (35L for Colour Pack)

Pic 7:
Outfit: D-Design - June Jeans and Top (Group and Subscribo Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Beata - Mocha (35L for Colour Pack)

Pic 8:
Tee: Miamai - BishTanks - Interest (Group Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Leila - Jet Black (35L for Colour Pack)
Jewellery: Dark Mouse - Chocolate Sparkles Earrings (Group Gift)

Pic 9:
Dress: Miamai - MiniDress (Group Gift)
Hair: Amacci - Malin - Black Coal (35L for Colour Pack)

Pic 10:
Boots: Eva - Oriental Suede Boots (0L)


Opens tomorrow! Will put URL up in chat!

Code: General Item = GI
Freebies and Cheapies = FC

Pic 1:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - Black 1 (GI)
Lingerie: Alexohol - Amore Panties and Bra - Blue and Black (GI)
Hair: Amacci - Lily - Coffee (Not fair item - 35L for Colour Pack)

Pic 2:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - Bronze 2 (GI)
Lingerie: Alexohol - Amore Bra and Panties - Black and Blue (GI)
Hair: Amacci - Butterscotch (Not fair item - 35L for Colour Pack)

Pic 3:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - Dark 1 (GI)
Outfit: Alexohol - Dry Martini Lingerie, Garters and Socks (GI)
Hair: Magika - One - B&W Charcoal

Pic 4:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - Pale 1 (GI)
Outfit: Alexohol - Rum Runner Bikini (GI)
Hair: Magika - Poof - Wild Blue (FC)

Pic 5:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - Tan 2 (GI)
Bikini: Alexohol - Coast Line Bikini (GI)
Hair: Magika - The - B&W Onyx (FC)

Pic 6:
Skin: CStar - Betty - Azul Skin - White 1 (GI)
Hoodie: Intrigue Co. - Navy Pouched Hoodie (GI)
Hair: Magika - Poof - Midnight (FC)

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