Going on a _______ Hunt!


I don't know if you have noticed ( if you have been living under a rock...actually in SL, you probably can), but there are a lot of hunts on at the moment, and each with their own distinct flavour. It makes choosing quite difficult.

Today I mostly finished the Groovy Love Hunt. I say 'mostly' because I got stuck on a few and had to leave them behind. I will breathe and then go back to try again.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this hunt, mainly because I found a few stores I had not seen before. I love this. I also go to meet some awesome store owners and hunters on my journey. Makes the whole hunt even more enjoyable.

Speaking of enjoy...

Pic 1:
Skin: Dulce Secrets - Gretchen Bordeaux - Full (Red Diamond Hunt - Sim Hunt)
Dress: ArisAris - AG27 Alba (A taste of the store!)

Pic 2:
Dress: Aqua - True Romance (New Store Opening Gift)

Pic 3:
Outfit: 22769 - Casual Couture for Girls (G4G Hunt)
NOTE: Posted this, then saw that Mister had already blogged guys version. Haha. Hope we don't turn up to parties wearing same thing. Mister, I will text you so we don't.)

Pic 4:
Outfit: Hasi's -G4G Gift (G4G Hunt)

Pic 5:
Tee: Moulliez - Tie Dye Tank (Groovy Love Hunt - GLH)
Jeans: Flophouse - Groovy Love Jeans

Pic 6:
Dress: Silk Dreams - Groovy Love Minidress (GLH)

Pic 7:
Dress: Simply - Summer Lovin' Dress (GLH)

Pic 8:
Outfit: Kitten'z Korner -Black Laced Corset and Latex Pants (GLH)

Pic 9:
Outfit: Smokin Threadz - Egyptian Sun Worship (GLH)

Pic 10:
Tee: Jazmyn D - Groovy Love Tee (GLH)

Pic 11:
Outfit and Flip Flops: Felicia's Fashions - Groovy Summer Set (GLH)

Pic 12:
Outfit and Sneakers: K2K - Back to Basics

Pic 13:
Outfit: Clover - Rafaela (GLH)

Pic 14:
Outfit and Hair: SB Wear - Groovy

Pic 15:
Dress: Etincelle - Purple Dress (GLH)

Pic 16:
Boots: The Vinyl Cafe - GG Purple Boots (Group Gift - Black Version available at The Dominion Fashion District)

Pic 17:
Outfit and Necklace: Dzines by D - Groovy Outfit (GLH)

Pic 18:
Pants and Belt: Petunia's - Groovy Love Bell Bottoms (GLH)

Pic 19:
Outfit: Sassy Kitty Designs - Groovy Sunny Outfit (GLH)

Pic 20:
Tattoo: Razorblade Jacket - Spring Flowers Light (GLH)

Pic 21:
Skin: Dulce Secrets - Brianna Bordeaux Full (GLH)
Tattoo: [Love Zombie] - Brassknuckles Tattoo (GLH)

Pic 22:
Outfit: Jazmyn D -Escada (Gift for new Subscribers)

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