Goodies and More Goodies


I am still doing the Groovy Love Hunt, and am enjoying all the items I have collected.

I want to take this time to say a huge THANK YOU to all the store owners/designers who are participating in this hunt. We wouldn't be enjoying ourselves if it wasn't for you. It is a definite joy to blog all the awesome things you have put out as prizes! Kudos.

I am playing with new V2 camera and windlight settings so I am warning you now...I have a problem....I will get help for it.

Pic 1:
Gazebo: Prim Fusion - Oystein

Pic 2:
Cottage: The Faerie Wind - Fancy Cottage

Pic 3:
Cushions: SR Kitty's - Groovy Hunt Gift
Campfire: JZ Design - Campfire

Pic 4:
House: Lantian - Tiny Groovy House

Pic 5:
Waterfall: X-Clusives Animations - Erotic Waterfall
Furniture: Maven's Home Furnishings - Soho

Pic 6:
Raft: OrcTime and Hestia's - Raft with Sleep/Bed/Cuddles

Pic 7:
Chair: La Belle Dame Sans Merci - Space Age Chair

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