Groovy Baby, Yeah!


The Groovy Love Hunt has finally arrived and I'm very excited to show you a few things for the men!

Pic 1 & 2:

Shorts: IKA- Summer Skull

Pic 3:

Outfit: Exquisitely Exposed - Groovy Love Jeans 2/ Peace Purple T-shirt

Pic 4:

Outfit: Exquisitely Exposed - Groovy Love Jeans 1/ Peace Red T-shirt

Pic 5 & 6:

Necklace and Belt: Demotik- Ying Yang Necklace/ Peace Belt

Now, I'm not entirely shy and am willing to flash a little skin sometimes. However, I was unsure how to show off this one particular gift, the penazzle, from the hunt. It is worn on a body part I dare not show (hi mom!), but I do feel I found a great alternative to letting you viewers preview! A little something to get your mojo going - just use those imaginations. ;) Penazzle it up for your lover(s), fellas!

Pic 7:

Accessory Item: Kickin' Brass Designs - Penazzle

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