Today I've got a good mixture of things to show you. Skins, shapes, tops, bottoms, and shoes, I've got it all in this post. I'll start off with a few skins I received at Cstar Skins and I'm really excited to see the creator develop a line for men.
It's almost time for the World Cup held in South Africa and I have two locations where you can find an outfit to cheer on your team.
Lastly, I'll finish off with some things from the Groovy Love Hunt.

Pic 1:

Skin: Cstar - Tristan skin with no tatts (MM board)
Shape: Cstar -Tristan Shape (included in MM board set)

Pic 2:

Skin: Cstar - Mr June Skin Deep Tan (Lucky Chair)
* Tristan Shape Used*

Pic 3:

Shirt: Style For Him- Men's White England Shirt (0L)

Pic 4:

Shirt: Alpha Centauri- Shirt Italy (5 L)
* Box set of 11 Football shirts all in undershirt layer: England, Brasil, Italy, Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Netherlands, and Portugal.*

Pic 5:

Outfit: Evaki- Dark Blue Party Boy Shirt Style 1 (MM Board)

Pic 6:

Outfit: Midnight Casanova- White Vest & Checkered Jeans (10L)

Pic 7:

Shirt: Midnight Casanova- Blazing S Tee (0L)

Pic 8:

Outfit: T18- Outfit 35 (10L)
* Get there now, great deals before it closes*


Pic 9:

Shirt: Robbish- Groovy Love Hunt

Pic 10:

Shoes: Paddys- Groovy Hunt Male Sneakers

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