Love and Loyalty


There are tons of hunts going on and I'm trying to go through them all to highlight the mens items. Arya showed you a lot of things from the Fashion is Love Hunt and a few items were either unisex or geared towards the dudes. Also, it pays to be loyal and subscribe to stores. There were some great subscribe-o gifts released recently. Remember subscribing does not take up your group slots and always keeps you informed of new releases!

Pic 1:

Top: Hoorenbeek -Hoody Olive (Subscribe-O Gift * Must be subscribed for at least 2 weeks*)
Jeans: Aoharu- Dark Vintage Jeans (not free)

Pic 2:

Outfit: Before Sleep - Fashion is Love For Him (Fashion is Love Hunt)

Pic 3:

Shirt: Deetalez- Blue Yellow Striped (Fashion is Love Hunt)

Pic 4:

Top: SB Menswear - Tshirt Black (0L) *Comes in white too*
Jeans: SB Menswear - Petrol Jeans Blue (Subscribe-O Gift)

Pic 5:

Outfit: Aqua - Hard at Play Group Gift (Subscribe)

Pic 6:

Top: Somapop - Smile Shirt Freebie Box Set (0L)
*3 other shirts included in box set*

Pic 7:

Top: B-Side Couture - Manga Shirt (0L)

Pic 8:

Top: [Hate This] - hoodie lil' tiger (Subscribe Gift)

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