Sales Soothe the Soul


Your mom/grandma/auntie/etc. lied to you. Yep, hate to break the news.
I'm sorry, but today chicken soup does not soothe the body and soul. It's the amazing sales going on that will be your remedy.
If you've been keeping close attention to the chatbox on the side bar of this blog, you'll see there have been some incredible deals going on.
First, Arya informed me of the crazy 10L sale at Rotten Defiance.
Later on in the day, I received notice that Phoenix Rising has another 1L Hunt until Saturday 2pm SLT. I'm going to show you the highlights from both stores.

Pic 1:

Vest: Phoenix Rising- Risk Vest Tats
Undershirt:Phoenix Rising- Atom Shirt
Cuff: Phoenix Rising-Avenue Cuff (Navy)

Pic 2:

Shirt: Phoenix Rising- Blind (Navy)

Pic 3:

Shirt: Rotten Defiance- RedBullet
Jeans: Rotten Defiance-Ripped Open Jeans

Pic 4:

Shirt: Rotten Defiance- Double Shirt- Cross
*hehe X marks the spot ;)

Pic 5:

Shirt: Rotten Defiance-Double Shirt- Death

Pic 6:

Shirt: Rotten Defiance -Gray TeeLong

Pic 7:

Outfit:Rotten Defiance- Rotten Glamour

Pic 8:

Shirt:Rotten Defiance- Red Muscle Shirt (Clean)

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