A Sharp Dressed Man


"Clean shirt, new shoes
and I don't know what I am gonna do.
Silk suit, black tie,
I don't need a reason why.
They come runnin' just as fast as they can
cause every girl is crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man."
- Lyrics from ZZ Top, Sharp Dressed Man

This song came out in the 1980's, but still holds truth today. Ladies love a sharp dressed man. As you know, I just came back from a wedding and everybody was dressed to the nines. It's always nice to add a little class to your wardrobe.
Since I have a little jet lag (apparently my laptop does too because it's hella' laggy tonight), I wanted to do a quick post on these amazing suits.
If ZZ Top is right about girls running as fast as they can, I guess you should start looking for a good pair of running shoes too. :)

SF Design has an elegant blue suit that is great for various occasions. For the office, business meetings, formal parties, and etc. When you purchase this suit you're not only expanding your closet/inventory, but you're helping a great cause. Look for the 'Hunt For The Cure' symbol and all the proceeds go towards the Relay for Life Fund. An absolute deal for 25L!

Pic 1:

Suit: SF Design Mens - Hunt For The Cure (25L)

I found the next suit on xstreet as a promo deal. Hurry now and you can get it for 50L.
This suit gives you a ton of layering options. You have your choice of buttoned/unbuttoned black or white shirt. You can match it up with a black or white tie (flexi ties available if not wearing a jacket layer).
In picture 2, I'm wearing the entire suit with all the layers.
In picture 3, I wanted to show you what it would look like with a flexi tie on.
And in picture 4, you can get more casual. You know, like when it gets later towards the end of the wedding and you've just been dancing your butt off to the electric slide. :P

Pics 2-4:

Suit: Savvy Avvy- Business Class Mens Suit Set (50L)

Lastly, I have an outfit that finds that balance between formal and casual. Suitable to still wear a tie, but not necessary to have the jacket. The MM board at the store is offering the same outfit but in purple.

Pic 5:

Outfit: Josef - Dress Outfit Blue Vest (Lucky Chair)

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