Man, everywhere I go it's all FIFA World Cup Mania! Hope you're all enjoying the games and may the best team win.
Yesterday, I was in deep need of exploring places I haven't been to in SL. My good friend, Hela, was kind enough to show me a few places. I've stated before that for men we always need a few staple pants/shorts, but its always nice to have a variety of tops to mix n' match.
I have plenty of tops to show you today and I found the last few very hilarious.
Also, if you haven't noticed there's a new theme to the blog. What do you all think about it? I like it and has a very clean feel. Give us some feedback : )

Pic 1:

Outfit: Refined Serenity - Louie V (1L)

Pic 2:

Tshirt: Style for Him - Mens Brazilian Away Shirt (0L)

Pic 3:

Outfit: The Sea Hole - Necessity Mens Complete Outfit (1L)

Pic 4:

Tank: F2H - Fever Tank Top Red ( 0L)

Pic 5:

Shirt: terri.tees- you RL (0L)
*How'd they get my rl picture!? haha

Pic 5:

Shirt: terri.tees- raccoon June (0L)

Pic 6:

Shirt: terri.tees-Hipster Cat (0L)

Pic 7:

Shirt: terri.tees- Hooked Tee (0L)

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