Your Inner Geek


As you view the pictures and read this post, I'm sure you can tell I've changed my appearance! After 6 months of being in the same skin, I felt it was time to do re-invent myself. Thank you, Hela and Libby, for assisting in my transformation. ;-)
Even though I have a new look, I'm still the same dorky self. I still love my retro gaming systems (Nintendo/SNES anyone?), my cartoons, and gadgets. As if right on cue, the Geekgasm Hunt started just a day after I posted about my geeky/nerdy side. Things that were once considered "lame" are definitely making a comeback these days. So get out there, find your inner geek! You must join the group to find the list and slurs of vendors. Starting point for the hunt here: look for a rubiks cube!

Pic 1:

Shirt: thick.shapes & baubles - Doctor, not a whale shirt
*Also includes a yellow and red shirt in the same style*

Pic 2:

Cardigan: Pig Shop - Lazy Sweater Mr. Indifferent

Pic 3:

Shirt: [lll] - Geekgasm Hunt Superman Shirt

Pic 4&5:

Shirt: [aRAWRa] -iPhone You Had Me At....Shirt
Shirt: [aRAWRa]- iPhone T-shirt App Shirt

Pic 6&7:

Tanks: A-BOMB - Base/What
Lunchbox: A-BOMB - lunchbox

Pic 8:

Outfit: Love Zombie- Falcons P.E.
Shoes: Deetalez -Yellow Chuckers (MHOH3)

Pic 9:

Bike: Harry's Houses & Designs Creations - Harrys Houses Boy Beer Bike
*click on the box full of beer and receive one!*

Pic 10:

Hat: Intrigue Co. -Piranha Plant
* I knew one of these days it was going to come back and get me!*

Pic 11:

Outfit: [Hate This] - Monday Mania #7 (Monday Mania 25L)
*Sweater around the waist has color changing option*

Pic 12:

Shirt: CandyDoll/SYL's Funshirts- ParDieBoy (1L)

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