It wasn't long ago that I remember Arya blogging about her 200th post. Just a few short months later, we've reached number 300!

Before I joined Arya on this site, I assumed blogging was an easy peasy deal. I mean, I already loved to explore new stores and I loved to write, what other skills did I need? A lot. I give her a lot of credit for having started this blog and for covering it on her own for so long. There's a lot of stuff for women out there and she manages to cover most, if not all of it. Blogging becomes much more intense keeping up with what is out there (sales/events/new releases), taking pictures with the right angles, finding the right lighting, and making sure you have the correct landmarks to all your stores.
So in this 300th post, I'd like to say a big thanks to Arya for inviting me to blog and allowing me to express my (crazy) thoughts into words. Blogging can seem demanding at times, but it is all much more fun when you do it with a friend.

I thought it would be fun to show you an outfit similar to the ones you see in the movie, 300!

Pic 1&2:

Outfit: Second Island - Sparta Free Outfit (0L)

Pic 3:

Vest/Pad: {Soap} -Tremor Vest/Elbow Pad (Unlucky Chair 0L)

*My girlfriend always tells me, "You are a dangerous man, Mister Klaber."
I guess those are spoken words of truth!*

Pic 4:

Sunglasses: SZD - Red Sports Sunglasses (MM Board)

Pic 5:

T-shirt: Robbish - Out of This World Hunt (OTWH Gift)

Pic 6:

Shirt: Myself - Prize Male Shirt E ( 0L, Like a MMBoard, but the board does not reset at midnight. Prize is given when enough people are reached.)

Pic 7:

Top and Mat: 22769 - Wet Tee / Beach Mat (July Group Gift)
Board Shorts: Aqua - Stripe Board Shorts (Friday Party Gift)

* Aqua's designer/owner, is giving away another set of striped board shorts at her party! If you missed out on getting the blue set, here's your chance! And if you already have the blue board shorts, add to your collection and grab the purple ones. Only available Friday, 6-9pm SLT. Join the party and have fun. I'll see you there!*

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