Cart Surfing


Haha, no, I don't mean shopping cart surfing where you hop into a small cart at the grocery store (or wherever) and a friend pushes you off in full force. I miss doing that, perhaps Arya would like to partake in this activity with me. : )
I started the Surfs Up Hunt today and I've enjoyed it so far. I got frustrated at one store though because instead of hitting "accept object" I hit "discard" accidentally. I tried click on the surfboard again, but it wouldn't send me the object, as if I had already received it. : ( So, please be careful and don't get a trigger finger clicking impatiently.
I then stumbled over to the Car Wash Sale where everything is 10L. My good friends at 22769 have a cart out and full of unisex goodies! They have an outfit that is exclusive to this sale, so go and check it out. Everything is 10L or less, can't beat that!

Pic 1:

Outfit:Pasarella - Combat Pants/Desert T-shirt (Surfs Up Hunt)
Hair: Pasaraella - Messy Short Goth Red (Addiction Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:

Outfit: LIX- Skully Outfit

Pic 3:

Tshirt: LIX - LIXed T1 Freebie (0L)

Pic 4:

Outfit: 22769 - Red Beach Outfit (Cart Wash Sale Exclusive 10L)

Pic 5:

Top: 22769 -Green Long sleeve Unisex
Bottom: 22769 -Brown Crapri Trousers

Pic 6

Top: 22769 - Sports Tee Unisex
Bottom:22769 - Checkered Capri Jeans Unisex

Pic 7

Top: 22769 - Athletics Tee Unisex

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