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Well, it looks like Arya posted all the bikini items, so I guess that leaves me with just a few outfits to show you. :P

I'm not a fan of malls in rl. Especially when they're busy, I feel smothered and cluster phobic. Usually, the goal is to get in and get out. Although sometimes it is interesting to see the group of adolescent teens sitting around filled with so much teenage angst!
Malls in sl are a different story. I don't mind exploring around and browsing into a few stores that are new to me. It paid off because I found some nice items for a dollar at a Japanese Mall. I don't have an overarching theme, but I do have something formal, casual, alternative, and cultural.

Pic 1:

Outfit: coucou! - Tuxedo (1 L)

Pic 2:

Outfit: SZD - Rebel Man Outfit (MM Board 50 people needed)

Pic 3:

Top: SZD - Smog Pull (MM Board 50 People needed)
* Comes in white and black*

Pic 4:

Shirt: B&T Designz - Blue Casual Shirt (MM board)
*Comes without argyle print also*

Pic 5:

Outfit w/shoes : Precious One- Yukata Male Set (1L)

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