Derelict Chic


My friend, Kav, let me crash at her place for a few days. She told me it was a bit of a do-er upper. Nothing that a wrecker's ball or a large amount of dynamite wouldn't fix in my opinion.

Still, I guess it won't matter if I leave a few things lying about; clothes, rats, dead bodies...

Feeling a bit tired...
Hair: Audacity - Dana - Onyx (TAH)
Dress: Acid and Mala - Just What I Want Dress (TAH)
Tattoo: Nosotr@s - Sky Tattoo (TAH)
Skin: Loser Skin - Sleep Deprived from Hunting (Past Hunt Gift)

Ok, this metal floor is freakin' cold.
Hair: Griddie - Lunch - Ice (CAHH2)
Dress: Cero Style - Addicted Marita Dress (TAH)
Boots: Heart and Sole - Barbed Wire Boots (Past Sale Item)

If only I had something to eat.
Hair: Rainy Day Prims Shop - Stick a Fork in it - Green (CAHH2)
Outfit: Hyper Culture - Addiction Hunt Gift (TAH)

Chocolate-coated spiders anyone?
Hair: Burning Chrome - Ariadne - Silver and Eek Spiders (CAHH2)
Outfit: Bounce - Paillettes Dress and Leggings (TAH)

No you can't freaking stand by the fire with me. Naff off!
Hair: Allusions - Depths Hair (CAHH2)
Dress: [ANCAYI] - Jeans Dress (TAH)

Look into my eyes and you will get stoned!
Hair: [soap] - MADusa Hair (CAHH2)
Gown: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Black Lace Dress (Lucky Chair)

Is there something in my hair?
Hair: Curious Kitties - 09B Hair - Doom Kitty (CAHH2)
Outfit: Cynful - July Special (1L)

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  1. I am so glad you recognised my excellent talent in interior design and considered featuring my fabulously decorated home in this latest blog.

    About time you realised my superior abilities.

  2. Just so you know, Kav, I may have spilled some red wine. Yes, that is what it is. Red wine. Can't be anything else...

  3. What is that small furry thing on the groun....?...SCREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMM