Get Yo' Swagga' On


When you look good, you feel good. Admit it, you have those days where you just feel unbeatable because damn, you fine! :P
You might even have a song playing in your head and you get this little swagger in your walk. You know, a lil' bounce into your steps. It's as if your life were a movie with a soundtrack, the camera is on you.
We all deserve have those moments and days to feel as if you have some control over the world, instead of the world controlling you.
The outfits I'll show you today will help you get your swagger on if you feel you haven't lately.

Pic 1:

Outfit: Aqua @ Carwash - Dream Easy His (10L)

* Carwash Sale is still going strong, stop over to the Aqua Cart! Comes as a His and Her set and is transferrable! So for all you couples out there, this is a bargain. Two outfits for 10L, one for you and your significant other, or a friend!*

Pic 2:

Swimshorts: Hopscotch- Black Dot Male Shorts (Surfs Up Hunt Gift)
Necklace: Gabriel: Black Bead Necklace Set (Group Gift)

Pic 3:

Tattoo: Aitui - No No No (0L)

Pic 4:

Outfit: SZD - Unique Male (MM Board 80 people needed)

Pic 5:

Outfit: SZD - Urban Outfit (MM board 80 people needed)

Pic 6:

Tank: Gabriel- Tribal Tank (Group Gift)
Hand Accessory: Gabriel- Orion Hand Belt w/Chain Black (Group Gift)
* Tank also includes blue set. Orion Hand belt comes with or without chain, and includes brown set.*

Pic 7:

Cheeseburger store had a new grand opening with freebies. Before I grabbed the free goodness, I browsed the store and had to grab this shirt. I love pandas and this one is all badass. SCORE!

Tshirt: *CB* -Panda Tshirt (80L)

Pics 8 & 9:

Tshirt: *CB* - Boyfriend Material Tshirt (Grand Opening Gift 0L)
Jeans: *CB* - Mens Medium Blue Jeans (Grand Opening Gift 0L)
Animal Balloon with poses: *CB* - Balloonie for Cheeseburger! (Grand Opening Gift 0L)

Pic 10:

Chair w/Pose : Lacie Dayz - Chillin' On the Porch (Surfs Up Hunt)

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