Hanging at the Garage


Had a busy day today. Raced all over the um...globe...no...ah...place. Whew! Visted some stores I hadn't been to before, which was cool.

Tiring work though, all that teleporting. You know, all that bad teleporting food, the long queues, having to be there three hours before your departure...oh wait...dang. Ok, scratch that. Hmm, this is awkward.

Look at the clothes and forget I said anything.

The hair is all from Posh and is 0L for all the hair shown and more that I will show tomorrow!

Pic 1:
Hair: Posh - Baby - Ash Red
Tee: B & T - Waiting for Spring (0L)
Shorts: Boom - Lime Green Heart Button Heart Pants (1L and pink in folder too. This deal may be finished now, but worth a check out!)

Pic 2:
Hair: Posh - Bang Baby Bang - Blonde
Outfit: B & T - Spring Plaid (5L)

Pic 3:
Hair: Posh - Egotistical - Jet Black
Outfit: Aqua @ Carwash - Careless Whisper - Bronze (10L)

Pic 4:
Hair: Posh - Gardenia - Caramel
Outfit: Aqua @ Carwash - Ice Breaker (10L)

Pic 5:
Hair: Posh - I'm a Hipster - Dirty Blonde
Dress: Schwartz - Basic Mini Dress Black (10L)

Pic 6:
Hair: Posh - Long Way Baby - Sunflower
Dress: Aqua @ Carwash - Sizzler - Red (10L)

Pic 7:
Hair: Posh - Morning After - Pink Passion
Outfit: Aqua @ Carwash - Valentine's Hunt 2010 (10L)

Pic 8:
Hair: Posh - Oh Darling - Coffee
Dress: Schwartz - Mini Dress (Opening Goodie 1L)

Pic 9:
Hair: Posh - Pom Pom - Ash Red
Top: Schwartz - Lace Mini Top (1L)

Pic 10:
Hair: Posh - Rosey Love - Marshmellow
Dress: Jazmyn D - Serenity White Dress (MM Board)

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