Lights, Camera, and Poses.


Face it, we all love to take pictures. We are obsessed with pictures in SL because it captures a moment, tells a story, and you just want to show everyone how hot you look. :P Of course, the pictures we take wouldn't be anything without poses. Pose balls/ poses allow us to create a plot or a theme for our pictures. We can't imitate or move our avatars exactly the way we want to in SL; however, we can try to imitate RL scenarios the best way we can using poses and props.

I've always posted about mens clothes, but since poses play such a big role in blogging I figured I'd show you a few poses from the ProPosers Pose Hunt. Definitely check it out because good poses can be expensive and some of the best pose stores are in this hunt. I'll mention what we're all wearing at the end of the post, but this one is all about the poses!

Pic 1:

Pose: BeScene -ProPosers Hunt Gift Relaxation

Pic 2:

Pose: [Lyndz- Matic] - Work It!... for the Camera (Camera included!)

* Yeah, this is how I got her to agree to take photos with me.*

Pic 3:

Pose: EmmePose - Ice Cream (Strawberry and Lemon Ice Cream Cones included!)

Pic 4:

Pose: X-Clusives Animations - Story Telling

Pic 5:

Pose: Eternal Dream - Protection

* I'm protecting Arya from Kav's "look" in this picture*

Pic 6:

Pose: !Bang -Oh So Big

* All is forgiven. We ended up being one big happy family!*

On Arya (Pics 3-6):

Hair and Hat: ChiChickie - Beth - Black - (Color Your Summer Hunt)
Outfit: WoE - Graecyn Capri and Trinity Ribbed Tank (The Addiction Hunt)
Sneakers: Duh! - Sneakers Boots - White (Past Hunt Gift)
Skin: Tuli - Jade tone 3/br (ICON gift)

On Hela (Pics 1-2):

Outfit: {Gisaci} - Cambridge- Ajan Creme wgold (Not Free)
Hair: Armidi- Soho blonde (Not Free)
Shoes: Stiletto Moody - Pin Up (Not Free)

On Mister (Pics 1-6):

Jeans: Aoharu - Vintage Denim Dark (Not Free)
Shirt: Myself - Prize Male Shirt E (0 L)
Undershirt:Doppelganger Inc.- New Threads Tee Blizzard (Not Free)
Shoes: HOC - Swipes (Unisex) (Not Free)

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