Might as Well Face It, I'm Addicted to Hair


I am pretty sure Huey Lewis and the News got that last word wrong. Love? Pffft. Hair is way more fun to be addicted to and less painful, unless you have knots...

I am still showing you items from The Crazy Arse Hair Hunt and The Addiction Hunt today, with a few other items thrown in for good measure.

TV can KILL you...
Hair and Hat: ChiChickie - Beth - Black - (Color Your Summer Hunt)
Outfit: WoE - Graecyn Capri and Trinity Ribbed Tank (The Addiction Hunt)
Sneakers: Duh! - Sneakers Boots - White (Past Hunt Gift)
Skin: [Mah Poor Quality] - Hard Long Night Skin (TAH)
House: Boof - Possessed House (TAH)
Pose: KIX - Model Pose 1 (Preview Copy - Hot off Press!)

Are those claw marks on the wall?
Hair: The U-Neek - Zabari Dreadz bl/orange (CAHH2)
Outfit: Alexohol - Alexoholic (TAH)
Shoes: A-Bomb - Addiction Hunt Shoes (TAH)
Pose: KIX - Model Pose 3 (Preview Copy - Hot off Press!)

Um, that reflection was NOT mine...
Hair: MIASNOW Hair - Partridge in a Pear Tree (CAHH2)
Dress: Dark Dolls - Dead Daises (TAH)
Pose: KIX - Model Pose 5 (Preview Copy - Hot off the Press!)

Hair: Concrete Flowers - Plemplem Hair - Frog (CAHH2)
Dress: Petunia - Grace Sundress (TAH)
Skin: MFP and MVP Designs - Fashion Addict (TAH)

Easier than brushing my hair!
Hair: Battle Angel - Alive Spider (CAHH2)
Lingerie: Nekoholic - Sexy (TAH)

I am not hiding anything, Officer!
Hair: W.Winx - Rat's Nest - Black Only (CAHH2)
Dress: Sassy! - Little Black Dress (TAH)

I need to keep low profile and get outta here!
Hair: Philotic Energy - Metallectricity (CAHH2)
Outfit: [iD]entity - Da Baddest (TAH)
Tattoo: Shush - Love - Be My Last Tattoo (TAH)
Bike: Wild Star Designs - Purple Dragon (Hunee Bee Hunt)

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