Opportunity Abounds


As you know I love shopping and I will actively encourage anyone who wants to open a store in SL for me to go shopping in.

So, when I saw that Elle, the owner of Designer Prims (which I love) had designed and built a new shopping area for a friend of hers, I had to wander over and take a look.

It is called Crescendo Shopping Village and, as you can see, it is lovely. Elle said it would be a "great opportunity for anyone who has considered starting out as a designer and would like a small space to show off their goods."

Now, I will encourage that fully, as it is an area I would love to shop in! Elle has opened a Designer Prims store there too! Yah! (See Pic 3).

If you are interested or just want more info please IM Elle Crescendo and then when you open your store make sure you let me blog your wares!

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