A Quickie


Just a little quickie for you today. I recently downloaded the SL Viewer 2.1 and for some reason it's not better at rezzing/loading. Anyone else have this same issue? It's supposed to be more stable and reliable, but those are such broad definitions. If they're referring to rezzing, I would have to disagree, however, that is my own humble opinion. So, I'm making a quick little post to satiate your appetites for mens items. =P

Hopefully, I'll get this whole viewer mess fixed and sorted soon. Wish me luck!

Pic 1:

Top: Phoenix Rising - Male Phoenix Rising Shirt (Subscription Gift, Check History)
Hat: Madesigns Hair - Chris Tartan F2, Iris Coffee (Past Hunt Gift)

Pic 2:

Top: *CB*- Retrospectacular Break Dance Tee (Subscription Gift, Check History.)

Pic 3:

Polo Shirt: .::()Alienated()::. - Purple SS NewEra Polo (0L)

Pic 4:

Top: A:S:S - Weekly Dollarbie Tee Poison (1L)

Pic 5:

Skybox: A:S:S - The Light (0L)
* Really enjoy the large open windows and the shadows on the floor. Makes for a great studio.*

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