Quiet Day in Fashion Land


Been a lazy ole day in SL today, fashion wise. Maybe it is just too darn hot for people to move...well, unless you are in mid-winter like me and can't feel your feet...mumble, mumble...grr!

So, today I am going to pretend it is too hot to move. It is lazing about in the pool or in the shade kind of weather.

Here are some things to do on a hot, lazy day:

1. Sit in the pool. Even a kiddie pool will work.
Bikini: Nadas - Swimsuit (Freebie of the Day)
Hair: Magika - Darling - Blonde - Platinum (20L for Fatpack)
Pool: Elate! - Summer Kiddie Pool (SL House and Garden Group Gift)

2. Hang about in a shady tree. Great place to hide from people too.
Outfit: #Before Sleep# - Colour Your Summer (Color Your Summer Hunt Gift)

3. Kick the kids out of the tree house. They are always hogging it.
Outfit: #Before Sleep# - For Her (Vintage Flair Hunt Gift)

Pic 4: Guard the tree house from the kids. Weaponry is acceptable.
Top: Prim and Pixel - Black Floral Midriff (Blouse Bonanza Group Gift)
Jeans, Boots and Tie: #Before Sleep# - For Him (Vintage Flair Hunt Gift)

5. Abandon the tree house and go and enjoy the hut instead. Don't tell the kids where you hid the ladder to the tree house.
Furniture: #Before Sleep# - Miss PacMan Chair, PacMan Chair, Ghost Lamp, PacRug and Power Pellet Table (Aim for the Game Hunt Gift)

6. Drag your bed outside and read a book...or bounce on the bed!
Bed: #Before Sleep# - Tree Framed Bed (Can't Fight the Moonlight Hunt Gift)
Outfit: #Before Sleep# - Pink and Green (0L)

7. Go and hang out in your neighbours yard, cos she has cool furniture and is not there. Wander about her house too. Move items slightly so she wonders, but isn't sure that someone was there.
Furniture: #Before Sleep# - Summer Canopy and Furniture (Summer Stars Hunt Gift)
Outfit: #Before Sleep# - Ripped Heart (0L)
Shoes: Vinyl Cafe - Violet Stiletto Heels (Group Gift)

8. Plan a picnic for your stuffed toys and avoid the pirates on the beach. Heat stroke is possibly setting in at this point.
Dress: Gehenna - Blue Summer Dress (MadPea Duck Hunt Gift)
Picnic Basket: Cheeky Pea - Runaway Dinner Basket (MM Board)
Hair: IrEn - Sylvie - 3 Blonde (MM Board - only for group members)

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