Searching Seashells by the Sea Shore


There's a hunt going on called The Little Big Nam3less- Hunt and it runs from July 25th - August 8th. You are searching for a seashell and participating stores include: KKPP, Snowpaw Fashions, Xplosion, Diapop, FG-jewelry, Cute Bytes, Somapop, and more. I think I found most of the shells, but here are a few that include some mens items. Again, here's a landmark where you can start your search: The Little Big Nam3less- Hunt .
There is no sequencing order when finding the shells, so I hope you find them all! :D

Pic 1:

Top: *X*plosion - GentlemenShirt Shirt (cyan)
Jeans: Somapop- [SP] LL-R Jeans cyan

Pics 2 & 3:

Top: **KKPP**- Powafriend's Jacket (0L)
Belt & Backpack: **KKPP**- Belt with Backpack

Pic 4:

Tshirt: Somapop- [SP] 69 T grey

Pic 5:

Tshirt: Somapop- [SP] duck shirt

Pic 6:

Top: Somapop -[SP] plaid shirt bo

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