Shacked Up


Just a few of bits and pieces today, but super cool.

Carwash sim has their Cart Sale on and there is a whole heap of carts with items all 10L! Be prepared for a bit of lag, so make sure you deprim!

The other items are mostly group or subscriber gifts. I love the groups I am in!

Pic 1:
House: La'Licious @ Carwash - Cupid's Love Shack (10L)

Pic 2:
Hutch: Jessentials - Sculpted Desk and Hutch (SL House and Garden Group Gift)
Hat and Hair: [LB Hair] @ Carwash - Cloche - Bob V1.2 - Bleach (10L)
Swimwear: G*Field - Classic Swimwear - Teal (Group Gift)
Bag: Tasty - Mood Bag (Group Gift)

Pic 3:
Beanbag: Designer Prims - White Beanbag with Yellow Cushion (SL House and Garden Group Gift)
Easel: La'Licious @ Carwash - Old Easel (10L)
Lamp: Karbon - Driftwood Floor Lamp - Fishy (SL House and Garden Group Gift)

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