I thought it would be fun today to do a bit of a spotlight on a new place (well, for me) that I have discovered. It is called Designer Prims.

I went over there the other day and enjoyed looking around the store and rezzing the awesome demo houses. I even found one I am drooling over in a big way (wiping chin). Don't tell my friend, Kav, that cos she will get that look on her face that she gets when I start looking at houses...

Anyway, I thought I would show you the house I am in love with and also a group freebie I got. This group is a bit different from others as you get invited when you buy something from the store. I could have bought a LOT! Be warned.

Pic 1:
The Converted Boat Shed - 183 prims furnished, 78 unfirnished - 599L (Now, you can see why I love it!!)
Outfit: Hyper Culture - Summer Tunic and Bloomer Pants (July Group Gift)

Pic 2:
Studio Skybox - 19 prims (Free as Group Gift)
Chairs, Table and Rug: Munspain - Blacky Sofa, Rug and Table (Past Discount Section Items)
Bed: MudHoney - Amber Bed (Past Sale Item)

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  1. I am truly honoured, thank you so much Arya

    Elle C <3