Thrifty Thursdays


Thursdays used to be known as "Thirsty Thursdays" during my University years and being a poor college student, I was all about saving and living cheap. Today, I'm still all about saving and living cheap without sacrificing quality.
Today was a good day because every so often I'd get a notice about some special or exclusive offers. Thank you to all the designers/creators who continuously remember us shopping addicts and support our cause through the week. I don't think I spent more than 1L today, so Thrifty Thursday was spot on!

Pic 1:

Outfit: Balani -SLD Beach Bums Hunt Outfit (0 L)

Pic 2:

T-shirt: Balani - NOH8 Black Shirt (NOH8 Hunt 0L)

Pic 3:

Tee: Balani - Ringer Tee Blue ( Lucky Board)

Pic 4:

Outfit: B&T - Casual Guy Outfit (Group Gift)

Pic 5:

Tank: B&T - 1500 Sub Gifty Tank Top ( 0L)

Pic 6:

Polo: SB Menswear - Cornwall Polo Shirt Green (Subscription Gift in Store)
*Find the Green box in store*

Pic 7:

Shirt: Style Extrem- SE Tshirt 2 (1L)

Pic 8:

Shirt: FIR - Subscription Logo Tee (subscriber gift)

Pic 9 &10:

Gamer Chair: Adjunct -Awesome Gamer Chair Blue (0L)
*Available in orange, pink, red, and blue*

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