The Tour


I take quite a few pics for the blog at my place, so I thought today I would take you on a tour of my house.

Sort of like an "Inside my Crib" kinda thing. Ok, maybe not, but you know what I mean.

Pic 1:
Bikini: a.nomaly - Pinky Polka Dot Bikini (0L)
Hair: Amacci - Coleen - Mahogany (Preview Copy)

Pic 2 and 3:
Porch: Second Spaces - Conversation Porch (Past Hunt Gift - available in store - 500L)
Outfit: [SE*Designz] - Girly Tank and Jeans Hot Shorts (Group Gift)

This is my house. It took me ages to pick it. Ask my friends. I dragged them to SO many house places before settling on this place. I love how open it is. Great indoor-outdoor flow for the beach.
Pic 4 and 5:
Outfit: [SE*Designz] - Duo-Shirt Hoodie (Group Gift Guys)
House: Barnesworth Anubis - Cubo House (1250L)

Pic 6:
Dress and Jewellery: Aqua - EverSong White LE and EverSong White Lace Gold & Silver (50L)
Furniture: Second Spaces - Camille Window Seat with Accessories (Past Hunt Gift - Instore 350L)

Pic 7:
Dress and Jewellery: Aqua - Parisienne Rhedd - White and PR White Jewellery (50L)
Furniture: The Loft - Beachy Keen (150L Past Spruce Up Your Space Item - Instore 1044L)
Screen: - Recycled Screen (0L)

Pic 8 and 9:
Outfit: B&T Atelier - Babydoll Lucy (1500 Sub Gifty)
Furniture: Cleo Designs - Multipurpose Cupboard (Past Hunt Gift - Instore 300L)
Sofa: MudHoney - Jody Slipcover Sofa (Past Special)
Chaise and Table: JJ Lanes Furniture - Chaise and Small Table (from Shabby Sea Lounger Set - Past Hunt Item)

Pic 10:
Couch: Reek - Letter Couch (299L)

Pic 11:
Furniture: {what next} - Blogger's Office (150L Past Spruce Up Your Space Item - Instore 850L)

Pic 12:
Dress: aMuse - Can't Find the Moonlight (Can't Find the Moonlight Hunt Item)

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