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Do my pictures look different today? I've been forced to move and use Viewer 2 because Emerald wasn't cooperating with me. I tested out the Beta Viewer 2 awhile back and it didn't Rez things better, so I decided not to switch. I also felt the whole layout was just "Clunky".
I like my screen space and the option to move things around, but the Viewer 2 limits that. Anyways, I installed the official Viewer 2 and I was surprised to see how fast everything Rezzed. I'm still turned off by the layout and at times it gave me a headache. So if my pictures look different, that's why.
The great thing about having a co-blogger is that Arya will send me a few landmarks to places that have mens things while on a hunt. I know she showed you some things from the Addiction Hunt, so here are a few mens items. The first picture is from the store Equilibrium. The owner gave out jeans as a gift to subscribers and the tank is a new freebie.

Pic 1:

Tank: Equilibrium- Punisher (0 L)
Jeans: Equilibrium - Blue Jeans (subscription gift)

Pic 2:

Top: Dogstar - Addicted Hunt Doubble Layer

Pic 3:

Top: Petunia- Chocolate Polo Shirt

Pic 4:

Hoodie: Rasetsukoku -Eat Flesh! Male Hoodie

Pic 5:

Boardshorts: Petunia - Tropical Boardies (Starry Nights Hunt Gift)

Pic 6:

Skin: BeReal -Terrence Killer Skin

*One ,Two, Mister's coming for you!*

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