Clams and Panties Mania


Haha, that Arya, she's a funny gal! I mean, she's so funny doing an improv, making up a funny conversation between her and I. Yep, that's what that was. :D

Where there are clams there are panties. That is definitely true at the Starlust sims, where several stores are participating in the 2nd Starlust Panty Raid Hunt. Definitely take a look around, the sims have lots of character to them with a variety of quality stores. I'll set you a landmark and you can start HERE.
You are looking for clams like the one below (clams can be found in all various sizes).

Pic 1:

Bottoms: {SS} - Unisexy Shorty Shorts (1L)
Tattoo: [TH] - Free Bitch Tattoo (0L)
*The tattoo didn't lie. It is absolutely free:). *

Pic 2:

Bottoms:*FIR* - Dolla Shorts Charcoal (1L)
*For a dolla, make you holla?*

Pic 3:

Bottoms: Intrigue Co.- Starlust Polka Dot Boxers (1L)

It's Monday and that means great deals if you're in the Monday Mania Group!
It's so bittersweet that summer is nearing it's end, but there are great new autumn/fall outfits emerging! You know what what means? Layering options. SF Design gives you great versatility to accommodate your layering needs for the fall. That brown blazer jacket will look great with other outfits you may already have and it's only 25L!

Pic 4:

Outift: SF Design - Autumn Set (25L)

.....Can you see me? I'm trying to camoflouge into the background. This outfit (including boots) is only 33L from [Hate This] and also gives you a lot of options to layer your look. A great deal. My sunglasses are from Blitzed that I picked up and showed in an earlier post from the Platinum Hunt.

Pic 5:

Outfit: [Hate This] - Monday Mania 15 (33L)

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