Construction Part 2


Welcome to the house of Arya. Yah!! Let me get you a drink and give you the tour. I am so glad you could come over...

I am sooooo excited to rez my new house. I gave up trying to build my own, which is a good thing, trust me. I would rather leave tricky things like doors and furniture to the pros, and we have some amazing designers/creators in SL and I applaud them all!

So, here I am outside my wee house that is from Designer Prims! It is called the Converted Boat Shed and I LOVE it. It is perfect for a girl on her own with land by the water.

I have rezzed the house with the furniture that Elle included to show you. I love her choices of colours, textures and even the art on the walls. I will be changing a few things as I want to put my office etc in and show you some of the cool items from the House and Garden Hunt, so the finished product won't look exactly like this, but I want to keep the nautical theme and maintain the colours and lines.

This is the deck and I love so many features including the step ladder with potted plants, the lamps and the life preserver.

Pic 1 and 2:
Dress: Prim and Pixel - Little White Dress (Group and Sub Gift)
Hair: Magika - Sinner - Silver and Midnight (20L for fatpack Monday only)

Come have a seat in the lounge/dining room. I love the relaxed look and clean colours in here. So light and lovely.

This is the bedroom at sunset. I love the way the blanket drapes across the bed. I wish my RL room could look like this. If I threw clothes on the floor and put cat fur on the bed, it would look a bit more like it. Ok, still nothing like it.

So, thanks for coming over! Tomorrow, I will be showing you some items from The House and Garden Hunt, and then eventually you can see what I decided to put in! Hope you have enjoyed.

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  1. Wow Arya, again I am truly honored, thank you for your kind words. It looks great, I'm so glad you're making it your own, I look forward to seeing your home and property progress. Fabulous :)

  2. What can I say? I love the house. Easy as that.

  3. Shes been gaga about this house for EVER.... sigh, at last she won't be dragging me back and back and back to look at it again.


  4. The only reason you didn't like me dragging you back is because you kept buying stuff!