Few More and Some Other Bits


Ok, so today is the last few items from the House and Garden Hunt and a few bits and pieces from around the place.

I am pretty sad about the House and Garden Hunt officially being over when the last item is blogged. I hope the organisers are already planning another one!

But, I will be honest and say that it will be nice to blog some clothes again today!

Pic 1:
Gazebo: Turnip's Homes - The Loiterers Pavillion - Aqua
Grass: MIASNOW - Grass Patch

Pic 2:
Bed: La'Licious - Butter Creme Bed

Pic 3:
Sky Garden: Zacca - Tree Sky Garden

Pic 4:
Cart: Designer Prims - Old Cart and All Accessories (150L - Has awesome poses!)

I saw this on Chic Aeon's blog and HAD to go and look and buy one for myself. The store is amazing. I took my friend, who I shall not name (Kav), there and she bought heaps!
Pic 5:
Blackboard: MMGrafitti's - Easel Blackboard and Chalk

Pic 6:
Jeans: Poison - To Rasgao Jeans (150L - been wearing these for days!)
Top: CandyMetal - Camo Broken Bikini Green (60L)
Necklace: Cero Style - Flower Mania Necklace (Subscriber Gift)
Hair: Magika - Sinner - Black and White - Cocoa (Monday 20L Pack)
Pose Item: Pulling Stings - Window to Your Soul (I got it on sale at 72L)

Pic 7:
Top: [ILAYA] - BoTo Asia Shirt (IrEn Village Hunt)
Jeans: Funkstar - Roots Fen (IrEn Village Hunt)
Lashes: -ES- Lashes Wings (IrEn Village Hunt)
Necklace: Lazy Places - Geek Love Necklace (IrEn Village Hunt)
Skin: Tik-Tok - Stella Light CL Cute (IrEn Village Hunt)
Hair: Truth - Frankie - Streaked - Chestnut (250L for Pack of Colours)

Pic 8:
Tank: IrEn - Superhero White (IrEn Village Hunt)
Hair: Truth - Kalista Streaked - Chocolate (250L for Colour Pack)
Tattoos: IrUrU - Wings Tattoo (IrEn Village Hunt)

Pic 9:
Skin: Sn@tch - Solstice Skin - Tone 1 Clubbing (IrEn Village Hunt)
Outfit: PixelDolls - Bout du Monde - Black (MM Board)
Hair: Truth - Keeley - Honey (250L for Colour Pack)

Pic 10:
Skin: Sn@tch - Solstice Skin - Tone 2 Clubbing (IrEn Village Hunt)
Outfit: Schwarz - The Ultra - Jeans is Bonus (10L - New Store Opening Special)
Hair: Truth - Rylan2 - Caramel (250L for Colour Pack)

Pic 11:
Skin: Sn@tch - Solstice Skin - Tone 3 Clubbing Skin: (IrEn Village Hunt)
Outfit: Schwarz - Sexy Top SL (10L - New Store Opening Special)
Hair: Truth - Tatiana - Treacle (250L for Colour Pack)
Tattoo: IrUrU - Supreme Tattoo (IrEn Village Hunt)

Pic 12:
Skin: Sn@tch - Solstice Skin - Tone 4 Clubbing Skin: (IrEn Village Hunt)
Outfit: Kastle Rock Couture - Pink Neko Set (Free Gift)

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