For the Love of Science (Yay Science!)


I've had a busy day today and am now just settling down to post this blog.

First, Aqua is setting up shop at the Icon sim and has left out a gift for you during Icon's Summer Hunt. I teleported over to the store to dance and play a little trivia. It's always fun and I got to meet a few amazing people! Ayanna, the store owner, is a great host and is always good to her customers/fans.

Afterwards, I managed to go through and finish the Tropicana Hunt that I started awhile back. I got sidetracked with the Zombie Popcorn Hunt.

Lastly, I heard about the For the Love of Science Hunt and had to do it. You all know I'm a nerd (intellectual badass), so it's no surprise I was all for this hunt themed around Science.
C'mon, remember the good ol' days of Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon!? How about Bill Nye the Science Guy? I still remember the theme song: "B-b-b-bill Nye, science rules!"
How I wished to be one of the kids on the show doing some awesome experiment. The best thing about this hunt was that I got to meet some amazing people along the way (Absinthe and Runestar). I haven't finished the entire hunt, but wanted to show you what have so far. :D
*Looking for a small blue robot*

Pic 1:

Outfit: Aqua @ Icon: Suitably Yours Avocado/Blue ( ISSD Summer Hunt)
* This outfit is just a preview of new collection to come!*

Pic 2:

Shirt: Jairis - Fresh Air Chemise (Tropican Hunt #48)

Pic 3:

Tank:Razorblade Jacket - Splash Tank (Tropicana Hunt #41)

Pic 4:

Shirt and Solar System: It's Cake - Center of the Universe (FTLO #1)
*Solar System rotates around you, as you are the center of the universe.*

Pics 5 & 6:

Shirts: LiqSum - Smack My Bitch Up/ Unisex "Science" Shirt (FTLO #7)

Pics 7 & 8:

Hat and Shirts: Casa del Shai: Newboy Cap/ Vneck blue tee/ Vneck blue tee 2 (FTLO #16)
Tattoo: Actchio- sci-fi superhero classic (FTLO # 12)

Pic 9:

Outfit: Rotten Defiance - Home from School boy (Group gift *not available anymore*)
*This is the group gift from Rotten Defiance, which is one of my favorite stores. The store owner sends gifts out often that is the same quality of the rest of her items in store. It's a great store, check it out!*

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