The Goodies Continue

I will be showing you more items today from the SL House and Garden hunt. Hoorah. Less talk, more show!

Pic 1:
Skybox: Modest House - H & G Hunt Prize
Table and Stools: Tweedle - Designer Table with Chairs
Pinboard: Nordari - Pinbee Music

Pic 2:
Storage Unit: Croire - Sanded Wood Storage
Cabinet and Oar: Awesome Blossom - Whitewash Cabinet and Hanging Oar with Colour Change Star

Pic 3:
Cabin: Jessentials - Gone Fishing Cabin

Pic 4:
Pavillion: Spry - Garden Pavillion 6x6
Table: *Phi* - Dark Wood Picnic Table

Pic 5:
Scarecrow and Garden: Herbalys - Scarecrow and Garden

Pic 6:
Swing: Belle Belle - Mood Swing

Pic 7:
Cabinet, Desk, Chair and Rug: Cleo Designs - Old Shelf, Working Set, Chair and Rug
House: Little Boxes - Kawaii Kabin

Pic 8:
House: Little Boxes - Kawaii Kabin

Pic 9:
Table, Chair and Vase: LISP Bazaar - Cottage Table, Chair and Tulip
Pinboard: Nordari - I Heart RVK
House: Little Boxes - Kawaii Kabin

Pic 10:
Furniture: UrbanizeD - Emanuelle's Sisters Armchair and Coffee Table, and Loungy Pillow
Skybox: Barcode - City Grunge Skybox (Pics 10 - 15)

Pic 11:
Couch: %napoliy% - Antique Sofa
Bonsai: [Organica] - Alder Bonsai
Table and Accessories: Second Spaces - Kessel Table

Pic 12
Furniture and Accessories: Designer Prims - H&G Hunt - Flowers, Frames, Books, Bag, Curtain, Chair, Sunnies

Pic 13:
Chair and Table: True Love Never Dies - Wooden Table-Chairs Set
Kitchen Item: Reek - Waffle Maker
Plant: blonde* - Potted Yukka

Pic 14:
Chair and Items: Tasty - Moving Pictures

Pic 15:
Furniture and Accessories: SunnyM - Rusty Blake Bench, Cabinet, Book Pile and Clutter

Ok, ssshhhh, sleeping.

You still here? Perves, watching me sleep. Sheesh.


  1. LOL in your element counting your loot

  2. Yes, I am a happy camper. When is the next one?