I'm a Hair Ho...arder


This weekend, I went hair crazy. I've done a post in the past where it was all about hair and once again, I'm here to show you more!
In every picture of this post, I'm wearing a new hair style. I'm a hair hoarder, there, I said it. You just never know when you'll need that certain style to top off a look you're trying to achieve.
When I see a great deal, I cannot resist! It doesn't help that my girlfriend is an enabler of my hair addiction. Just yesterday she announced that after four days of multiple visits to TRUTH, she was finished purchasing all the hair she wanted from their sale. *Sigh* It's a hairy situation.

Pic 1:

Outfit: Opium - Casual BS (Group MM Board)
Hair: Shag - Rocket Man/Chestnut (Project Themory 75L)
* Hair comes in 3 colors: Dark Blonde, Chestnut, and Black*

Pic 2:

Shirt: Shag - 'Shag This' Mens Tee (0L)
Hair: Cheerno @ TDR -Mira Hair/Surreal (70L)
* Hair comes in 3 colors: Surreal, Platinum, and Surreal/Platinum*

Pic 3:

Shirt: A:S:S - Weekly Dollarbie Tee/ Fangbanger (1L)
Hair: Black Maria - 2nd Anniversary Hair 7 (0L)
*Hair comes in 15 colors*

Pic 4:

Outfit: SZD - Insane Outfit (MM Board 100 people needed)
Hair: Black Maria - free hair/Black (0L)
*Hair comes in 9 different colors*

Pic 5:

Vest: SZD -Range Vest/ Military ( MM Board 100 people needed.)
*Vest comes in 4 different colors. Red vest seen in picture 6.*
Hair: Black Maria - Mad Black (0L)
*Hair comes in 23 different colors*

Pic 6:

Hair: Black Maria - Las/ Black (0L)
*Hair comes in 23 different colors.*

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