A is for Apparel!


Teaching techniques and learning styles have changed since I went to grade school. I even remember when Kindergarten was half day. Today, kids go to school from 9AM all the way until 3PM- that's a long day!
Usually when you learn your ABC's, you discover that A is for Apple, B is for Button, C is for Cat, and etc.
Today, A is for apparel. Okay, it's still for apple, but it leads to apparel at the Grumble store.
When Arya mentioned that Grumble had a store hunt running, I knew I had to go check it out. I've always admired Grumble for remembering to put something out for the men! Almost all of the apples I found contained something unisex or had something for the guys. Woohoo!

Pic 1:

Top: Grumble - GG Mens Vneck Lime
Shorts: Grumble - GG Mens Denim Shorts Light Blue
Shoes: Grumble - Unisex Sneakers Blue

Pic 2:

Top: UM - Black Top (1L This week only)

Pic 3:

Top: Grumble - GG Mens Beige Shirt Sweater
Bottom: Grumble - GG Mens Cargo Pants Khaki

Pic 4:

Top: Grumble - LC Mens Plaid Shirt (Lucky Chair)

Pic 5:

Top: B&W - Brazil Tshirt ( Store Gift 0L)

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