It is Hunting Time!


The beginning of a new month brings me much excitement for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I like to pinch and a punch people for the first of the month (no returns), secondly this month signals the death of winter with one month til spring, and lastly it means NEW HUNTS! Hoorah!

It also means the monthly fight over the hunts. Mister and I either do paper, scissors, rock or eenie meenie, minie, mo to decide who gets what. Sometimes arm wrestling and weaponry gets involved. Stuff happens, blood is spilled.

I will say that Mister normally takes any that may even remotely offer something for men. I feel for the boys in SL. Seems we girls get the bulk of the hunt items. Perhaps that is a hint to hunt organisers, because the men like the hunts too!

Right, enough of all that. I have hunting to do. I have lag and crowds and grumpy hunters to deal with. Mister thinks I get a bit extreme with my hunt wear, but hunting is war. Oh, yes, hunting is war!

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