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Arya is so nice to remind us that our summer is ending, but autumn is just as nice! :P

Well, I finished the For the Love of Science Hunt! So this is a continuation from my last post and I have lots to show you. I started off the hunt without any hints, but recently received a notecard with hints and they're very helpful!

Remember this is what you're looking for:

Cute lil' thing, eh? Alright, time to get a bit crrrraaazzyyyy!

Pic 1:

Outfit: Boof - Nerdy Lab Coat/Gaggle Goggles/Mouf Test Tube/ Poinson Beaker (FTLO #31)

Pic 2 & 3:

Mask: Beauty Killer - Surgical Mask Biohazard (Lucky Chair)
Backpack: Beauty Killer- Poison Barrel Backpack (FTLO #21)
Shirt: C. Smit - FTLO Dark Grey (FTLO #22)

Pic 4:

Tattoo: BUTT-ER - Wish You Were Here (FTLO #6) *Undershirt layer*
Tattoo: nestle my bosom -ftlo hunt gift tattoo (FTLO # 23) *2.0 layer*
*Perfect tattoos for when you wish someone was nearer, aww*

Pic 5:

Shirt: Name Pending - moose knuckle tee (FTLO #33)

Pic 6:

Shirt: Sonic Death Monkey - SL Science Academy Polo (FTLO #34)
*comes in long sleeve version too*

Pic 7 & 8:

Shirts: Rezlpsa - NeRDy T-shirt/ DoRK T-shirt (FTLO # 39)
Glasses: Tasty - Nerdorable Set Red Glasses (FTLO # 37)

Pic 9: KoQStar - White Henley (FTLO #43)

Pic 10:

Necklace: Acide!- Bones M (FTLO #41)

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