My Buddy


I started the FR3AK YOU! Hunt and the hunt item reminded me of a scary Chucky doll.
I don't know if you all remember the toy called, "My Buddy", but that thing scared the @$#& out of me.
Lucky me, I received one for Christmas. I tore the wrapping paper into shreds and when I found what hid underneath, I threw the doll behind the tree and cried. You won't want to throw away the hunt gifts though!
If you don't remember the Chucky-esque doll, here's a commercial for you. A little throwback:

You're looking for this lil' gem:

Pic 1:

Outfit: Beautiful Disaster - Fr3ak yOu/guys (FYH! 11)

Pic 2:

Outfit: Trixxy's Shop - Redback Spider (FYH! 13)

Pic 3:

Top: Fuzion Fashions - Chase Plaid Green Button Shirt (FYH! 20)

Pic 4:

Shorts: Shiki Designs - Shorts/Midnight (FYH! 43)

Pic 5:

Top: Saris Creation's - t shirt black for men (FYH! 50)

Pic 6:

Outfit: Before Sleep - Freak You For Him (FYH! 54)

Pic 7:

Top: Beauty Killer- Candy Skull Tee (FYH! 96)
*Comes in Pink and Green*

Pic 8:

Shirt:ODB - Freak on A Leash (FYH! 108)

Pic 9:

Top: T Junction - I'm Baked (FYH! 121)

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