Seeking and Searching


It's no surprise there's an abundance of women's clothes compared to mens items in Second Life. That's why I do every hunt that is current just to see if they have any mens/unisex items offered. It's hard seeking them out, but they're out there and I always try to help you guys out! So, I've started the Summer Doesn't End Hunt and hopefully I'll be able to show you a few mens/unisex items as I unpack.

I spend so much time in-world searching and exploring, that I forget there are great deals on xstreet.
I'm really picky about the jeans I choose to wear. It's really hard to find quality jeans where the cuffs fit perfectly and seamlessly around your shoes. Too many jeans look flat and the texture looks boring, but I found some amazing jeans on xstreet. It's a really great bargain with stunning quality.
You get a fat pack of jeans for 10L by True Legend! A total of 6 jeans, 2 styles (ripped and regular), and in 3 different colors (dark blue stone washed, light blue stone washed, and black stone washed). I'll show you 3 different pairs out of the 6 in this post.

Pic 1:

Shirt: A:S:S - Weekly Dollarbie Angel (1L)
Jeans: TrueLegend -Dark Blue Stone Washed (10L)


Pic 2:

Top: Razorblade Jacket - Days of the New (Summer Doesn't End Hunt)
Jeans: TrueLegend -Light Blue Stone Washed Ripped (Included in fatpack jeans for 10L)

Pic 3:

Swimshorts: Urban Republic Co. - Mens Surf Shorts ( Summer Doesn't End Hunt)
Necklace: Sour Pickles - Beach Set Necklace (Summer Doesn't End Hunt)

Pic 4:

Tattoo: [AC] - Bully (oL)
*Aiden's Closet has tattoos for 0L until August 8th*

Pic 5:

Skin: Cstar - Mr August Special Edition 2010 Bronze (Lucky Chair)
Jeans: TrueLegend -Black Stone Washed Ripped (Included in fatpack jeans for 10L)

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