I admit, I love being spoiled. There are many vendors in SL who spoil their loyal customers with gifts, but the person who does it best is Ayanna Slade of AQUA. If you've subscribed to her store, Aqua, then you'll know what I mean. This morning she sent out a 100L gift card and held an opening day party. Not only that, but she also has male and female gifts set out for the event.
If you missed out this morning, don't worry! There's another party tonight at 6pm SLT and runs until 9pm SLT.
The theme of the party is "Best in AQUA Mashup". So put your 100 Gift Card to good use and win! The prize for the best male and female Aqua Mashup is 500L. Of course, there will be trivia and great music. I hope to see you all there!

Top: AQUA - Icon Opening Party Sweater/Shirt/Tie
( Available at 0L only for tonight 6pm SLT- 9pm SLT.)

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