Summer School Slacker


August has hit me like a brick wall and I feel like I'm cramming a lot into each day! I've been working on my Masters Degree and that means summer classes :(. This is the last week of those courses, so I've been cramming every bit of information getting ready for the finals. That hasn't stopped me from catching up with SL though.
First off, what's going on with all the store closings!? Sadly one of my favorite stores, Phoenix Rising, is closing their doors. I've talked about having quality versus the Linden dollar on this blog, and I felt that Phoenix Rising always gave you the best quality for your Linden. They're having a big sale right now, so go check it out. The outfit in the first picture cost me 100L, but that includes Jacket, shirt, and jeans. They come in all layers too, so its definitely worth it. If you want to get all mathematical, it's like you're paying 33.3 L each for the jacket, shirt, and jeans- that's quite the bargain!

Pic 1:

Outfit: Phoenix Rising - Daniel Black (100L sale)

Pic 2:

Outfit: PixelDolls - Laundry Shirt and Jeans (50L)
*They have a store wide sale going on right now!*

Pic 3:

Hoodie: Balani - Monaco Hoodie (Mellow Yellow Hunt)
*The hunt is over, but the store still has the gift out. You're looking for a can of soda.*

Pic 4:

Outfit: Balani - Techie Hunt (Techie Hunt Gift)
* Looking for a keytab from a keyboard that says, "FUN"*

Pic 5:

Shoes: Adjunct - Night Walker Hi Top Red (Jaunty Group Gift)

Pic 6:

Boots: *CB* - Black Wellies ( 1L)

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