Why Yes, I Gots Muh Hurr Did


The great thing about SL is that if you're looking for a different appearance or just a change, you don't have to go to extremes to do it. Simple things like just altering your hair style can go a long way.
Lelutka is one of my favorite stores in SL and their group gifts are fantastic. Recently, they sent out a fatpack of hair and the quality is amazing. Remember, you can join the group and pick up the gift, but take the time to look around, you will not be let down by their products.

Pic 1:

Hair: Zanda - Z++BBGold (B) (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #81)
Tattoo: ::ParaDesigns:: - Snake Bite Black Medium (Zombie Popcorn Hunt # 31)

I had to take a second picture to show you the different versions included in the gifts from the hunt. This second version of the hair is a bit longer than the one seen in picture 1. Also, the tattoo is available in color, very cool.

Pic 2:

Hair: Zanda - Z++BBGold (A) (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #81)
Tattoo: ::ParaDesigns:: - Snake Bite Color Medium (Zombie Popcorn Hunt # 31)

Pic 3:

Hair: Zanda - +Z+angel-winered (Opening Gift 0L)
Top: Deco- Anatomy Tee Male (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #82)

Pic 4:

Hair:Lelutka -Rush hair/Almost Goth (Group Gift- Fatpack of hair in different colors)
Top: VooDoo Baby! - Worn Heros T (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #41)
*The headband to the Lelutka Hair can be changed to different colors*

Pic 5:

Top: Intrigue Co. - Free Hugs Shirt (Zombie Popcorn Hunt #48)
Belt: Effum Ink - Alchemist Belt/Silver (Zombie Popcorn Hunt # 75)

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