Gift of Giving


Through this blog, I try to introduce you to items that are great in quality and worth your Lindens. I often seek out items that cost you 0L or are prizes/gifts, but there are times where it's just worth to spend a few extra $L to support a good cause.
The Unicef Project is currently up and running until September 19th. Many of the best designers of SL are involved in this project. Why not spend a few $L to receive quality items and help support the cause!

Pic 1:

Pose: KamreK Creations - Unicef Friends Posing (50L)

I have to tell you about these boots. I've always wanted these boots for the longest time. They have great quality and the textures are amazing. You get 3 different styles for the price of ONE pair of shoes. It's basically a 3 for 1 deal. The best part about it? 100% of the profits go to Unicef!
Get them at the Unicef Project now, while this great deal lasts. In pics 2 -5, I'll show you the different styles it comes in.

Pics 2-5:

Boots: Docs - 8 Hole M/Black (300L)

The pristine version is shown here. I would wear longer jeans with cuffs with these, but I wanted you to see the whole thing.

This is the loose style.

Finally, the abused style, which is the medium between loose and pristine.

My girlfriend and I saw this shirt, we thought it was cute and funny. Cute and funny? Well that just has me written all over it! :D

Pic 6:

Tshirt: T- junction - Give peas a chance (75L)

Pic 7:

Outfit: Balani - Balani's Fall 2010 Gift (Group Gift)

Pic 8:

Boxers : HCC - Boxers Red (0L)
Tattoo: M2M - Kiss Here Lipstick Marks (0L)

Pics 9 -10:

Boxers: Blue Goose - Black Guitar/ White Skully Boxers (Mornin' Sunshine Toast Hunt)
*Also included in contents are White Guitar and Black Skully Boxers.*

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