Mama Didn't Raise No Fool!


It's back to school, to show mama I'm no fool. My girlfriend and I decided to exercise our brain cells by going back to school. Why? Well I think Schoolhouse Rock said it best, "As your body grows bigger Your mind grows flowered It's great to learn Cause knowledge is power!"
Also, most of the prizes from the Back To School Hunt contained a 'His and Her outfit', and we could not resist!
Lucky for me, she checked off "yes" when I had sent her a note card earlier asking if she would go hunting with me.

You're looking for a shiny, sequined, red apple:

Going back to school is hard, we forgot about all the work we had to do. There's even a test today and I don't think we prepared enough for it! I'm really nervous.* Frantically cramming*

Pics 1&2 :

Chalkboard: Random-ONics - Deluxe Blackboard (BSH #2)
Desks and M/F Outfits: Diavolicious - Back To School Hunt (BSH #7)

That school was way too strict, so we decided to transfer to a different academy. I'm trying to get Hela's attention, but she's just too busy reading that book. "Hello...over here!?"

Pic 3:

M/F Outfits: M2M - Back To School Hunt (BSH # 28)
Reading Desk: Finishing Touches - Old Fashioned School Desk (BSH #5)

Okay, private school was just way too intense for us. Pftt, uniforms. We decided to rebel and wear something a little more comfortable.

Pic 4:

On Mister: Blue Goose - Boats & Hoes Charcoal Sweater/ Michael Jeans Blue (BSH #23)
On Hela: Blue Goose - Pipper Top / Pipper Short Jeans ( BSH #23)

But remember, "on Wednesdays we wear pink." (Name that movie!)

Pic 5:

M/F Outfits: Pink Wolf by Random-ONics - Men's/Women's vests & Shirts (BSH # 31)

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  1. *Arya raises her hand and says, "Oh, oh! Pick me!"*

    The movie is Mean Girls!!

    (At this point I am wondering how Mister knows that...)